By Car
1. Go down No.1 National Highway from Yuanshan Exit.  Go up to Songjiang Rd., and then keep driving to Chanan E. Rd..   Make a right turn to Linsen N. Rd.. Drive about 100 meters, and you shall see a Family Mart where we suggest you find a parking space.   Then walk to Lane 107 Linsen N. Rd., so-called Liutiaotun, and you would find Liz Hotel.
































































2. Go down No.3 National Highway from Mujah Exit. Go up to Shinhai Rd.. Then go up to Jianguao Viaduct. Drive up Nanjin E. Rd.. Exit the Viaduct and make a U-turn on Nanjin E. Rd..  Turn right to Linsen N. Rd.. Go 4 blocks from the intersection. Turn right to Lane 107 of Linsen N. Rd. where you would find Liz Hotel. Parking spaces are available around the Family Mart on the corner where you turn right to Lane 107, so-called Liutiaotun. 
































































Parking Information
1.A beep House Parking Linsen 2 points - Address: Taipei 125 Linsen North Road in the mountains 
Phone: (02) 2521-7429
Rate: Pro Stop: NT 40 per hour day the highest total time NT 200(limited to the day)
TIMES Linsen address two through eight: Linsen North Road, No. 66, Lane 133 space Tel: 2504-6098
Rates: half an hour NT 20, NT 40 per hour, the maximum upper limit of NT 200 / times (limited to the day)
































































































































By Public Transportation Tools:
































































1. Take MRT-Damsui Line to Nanjin E. Rd.. Take bus 5, 12, 46, 266 or 292 to the intersection of Nanjin E. Rd. and Linsen N. Rd..
































































2. Take MRT-Jonghe Line to Jhongshan MRT Station. (Now You shall be on Sec. 1of Changan E. Rd..) Take bus 202 to the intersection of Changan E. Rd. and Linsen N. Rd.
































































3. Take MRT-Bannan Line to Shandaosi MRT Station. (Now You shall be on the intersection of Executive Yuan Rd. and Linsen N. Rd..) 
































































It’s about 15 minutes walking distance from Liz Hotel.
































































































































Bus Information
































































Go to Nanjin E. Rd. & Linsen N. Rd.:
































































0, 5, 12, 46, 52, 266, 282, 292, 306, 652
































































Go to Linsen N. Rd.:
































































208, 211, 246, 297, 604
































































Liz Hotel is located on Lane 107, or so called Liutiaotun, of Linsen N. Rd.. We are 4 blocks away from the intersection of Nanjin E. Rd. and Linsen N. Rd.. 
































































































































Shuttle Bus From Taoyuan National Airport
Take a Da-you shuttle bus from Taoyuan National Airport. After the bus goes down the Highway, please get off the bus at the bus stop around Grand Formosa Regent Taipei. You shall be on Sec. 2, Jhongshan N. Rd.. Walk 3 blocks heading Sec. 1 and turn left to Nanjnin E. Rd.. Then walk 3 blocks from the intersection and make a right turn. Walk 3 blocks and turn right to Lane 107, Linsen N. Rd. where Liz Hotel is located.
































































Take Kuo-Kuang bus to Taipei Train Station.   Take a taxi to Liz Hotel. It’s about 5-8 minutes driving distance.