》Liz Hotel became an epidemic prevention hotel

日期/ Date:2020-08-08

In order to give passengers more peace of mind, SHARP KI-J101T-W water vitality air purifier is installed in the lobby to purify various harmful bacteria

Use PHILIPS AC-0819 nano-level air purifier to thoroughly purify the room air when or after finishing the room

Liz Hotel is the ideal stay for business or pleasure and is within walking distance of Taipei's business district and the finest shopping and cultural venues.(Youtube option for room TV)


Conveniently located in the heart of Zhongshan district of Taipei, nearby Linsen Park and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store. It takes 8 minutes walking distance to MRT Zhongshan Station and 10 min. to MRT Shandao Temple Station.

A designed hotel, Liz Hotel is full of character. Its 22 rooms are spacious and comfortable. Each room has external windows. The accommodation price for the epidemic prevention program is in between $3500 to $5000, including three meals, service fees, and taxes.

Address: No. 16, LN. 107, Linsen N. Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan

Website: http://www.lizhotel.com/

Tel: +886-2-2581-0146

Fax: +886-2-2561-9713

E-Mail: lizinn0711@gmail.com

All our staff members have already completed training on epidemic prevention measures. We use qualified garbage disposer and towel washing disposer. All our public areas, guest rooms, and elevators are all disinfected according to standard specifications. Liz Hotel provides a safe and secure accommodation for those entering Taiwan to undergo quarantine measures.

Official Line: @mzw6908L

※Remark 1 :Above room rate of the Epidemic Prevention-Quarantine Hotel Program include three meals(breakfast,lunch and dinner),tax and service charges,which room rates are the pay price for guests.The subsidy from the Tourism Bureau has been deducted,and there is no other discounted price to the guest.Any question,please contact Taipei City Government by calling 1999 ext.6900 or 7572.

※Remark 2 :Above room  rate of the Epidemic Prevention-Quarantine Hotel Program is a preferential rate for a stay of 15 days.



Supplies of 15 days are prepared for the quarantine period.

  • Bed sheets, quilt covers, pillow covers.
  • Bath towels.
  • Body wash, shampoo.
  • Dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, hand soap.
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, hair comb, shower cap.
  • Toilet paper, tissue.
  • Large and small drawstring garbage bags.
  • 600ml bottled water, paper cups, instant coffee, tea bags.
  • Leather slippers.
  • Disinfectant, rag, scouring pads, toilet brush, small broom set.
  • Electronic thermometer, mask, shoe cover.reusable food ware.



  1. 32” LED digital TV, digital audio on demand system.
  2. International direct dial outside telephone.
  3. Free ultra-fast internet access.
  4. Panasonic washlet toliet.
  5. Bathroom dry and wet Separation.
  6. Kettle.
  7. Hair dryer.
  8. Writing desk (Some of Liz Standard Suite has no writing desk).



1.Reservations can be made by phone call, fax, e-mail, Line messaging, Line call, official website or through referral by the government.

2.  Please provide us name of guest, checkin date, ID, birthday, and contact.

3.  Must fully comply with the quarantine dates on the quarantine form. Must stay for 15 consecutive days.

4.  Please pay off 15 nights in one time within 3 days after booking and before arrival. There are three payment method:


  • Method A: pay by credit card. Attached credit card payment authorization form. Please fill and fax to +886-2-2561-9713.


  • Method B: pay by LINE PLAY MONEY. Please scan below QRcode of our official LINE PAY QRcode to pay.


Official Line Pay Account of Liz Hotel:


  • Method C: pay by ATM transfer

Taiwan Cooperative Bank

Code: 006

Account Number: 0540-717-172579




1.  Since 14 days are counted from the next day after entry , one stay is 15 nights

2.  After entering Taiwan, you must take the airport epidemic prevention fleet from airport to our hotel. Our hotel cannot assist with pick-up.

3.  During the quarantine period, our hotel will not provide any room cleaning services.

4.  All guests cannot leave the room during 15 days of staying in the epidemic prevention hotel. If leaving before reaching 15 nights, our hotel will notify the city government and will refuse to continue to supply staying.

5.  Our hotel does not provide laundry services. Only laundry detergent is provided.

6.  The hotel’s quarantine is based on the principle of one person per room. If there is a special need for care, an extra person can be accommodated. If two person are in the same room, they must wear masks all the time and all day, and they cannot eat at the same table. The shared space must be cleaned once a day, and the bathroom and toilet must be cleaned three times a day. Keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters and avoid intimacy. If there are two parents and one child, it is recommended that one parent has one child in the same room and the other parent stays alone in the other room. This can prevent both parents from being infected and causing the children to also be infected.

7.  If guests want to order any takeout delivery through the delivery platform, the delivery person can only deliver food, drink or parcel to our front counter. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are prohibited. the hotel staff will deliver them to the door of the guest room according to the daily schedule. Any delivery person are not allowed to deliver to the door of the room to engage in actions such as "collecting money and change". For all delivery or online purchases, guests are required to pay online first. Our hotel staff will only deliver food, drink or parcel at the designated time every day after arrival.

8.  After entering room, please photo and e-mail the yellow sheet of “COVID-19 Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice” to our front desk.

9.     Also, please photo and e-mail the “COVID-19 Health Declaration Card” to our front desk.

10.     Moreover, please sign, photo and e-mail copy of “Self-Health Management Declaration” to our front desk.

11.     In the room, guests will be provided with information on epidemic prevention and health education and ``Necessities for Autonomous Health Management of Preventive Wuhan Pneumonia''

12.     Guests are not allowed to leave the room and hotel or use public facilities, nor meet any visitors.

13.     Our hotel will ask every guests about their body temperature and physical condition every day.




1.  While the guest (quarantine person) leaves the airport on the anti-epidemic fleet, please call our hotel first, and we will confirm the identity of the guest first.

2.  When arriving at our hotel, we will ask for the name and birthday of guest. Guests will be asked to open their passports to confirm their identity, so as to avoid unnecessary contact during the whole process and reduce the risk of infection.

3.  The driver will stop car at the front door of Liz Hotel. Our hotel staff will guide the passageway for epidemic prevention and ask the driver to guide the guest. Guests are requested to bring their luggages according to the direction. We will assist guests in measuring their body temperature (keeping a safe distance of 1.5 meters), and disinfects hands with 75% alcohol. Guests are requested to put their luggage in the disinfection area for our staff to disinfect, including: the luggage handles and wheels. Our hotel staff should not touch any guest's body or objects. Please sit on the bench of shoe cover area to put on the shoe covers.

4.  The room number will be told, and the guests follow the sign to go up the stairs by themselves. While check out, guests will also need to come down stairs in the same route.

5.     After guest enters the room, please take shower and change clothes first.  A large drawstring bag to keep the dirty clothes will be provided in our room.

6.  The remote control, telephone and buttons in our rooms are all covered with films. Please do not remove them.

7.  After the guest’s luggage is disinfected, our hotel staff will assist in sending them upstairs.




  1. During below period everyday, our hotel service staff will hang meals on the door hanger or doorknob on the door of each guest room, which can be taken by each guest to avoid contact.

Breakfast 07:00-07:30

Lunch 12:00-12:30

Dinner 18:00-18:30

  1. Food waste cannot be recycled and needs to be treated as waste.
  2. All tableware is disposable.




At a fixed time each day, guests are asked to put all garbage into black drawstring garbage bag, tie it tightly with drawstring, and please place it on the red plastic tray (in the right hand side outside of room door). Our cleaning staff will collect them after disinfection.




In accordance with regulation issued by the Tourism Bureau, 100% of the total order amount are prepayment. Also, according to provision of the law, if cancelling reservation, the deduction rates will be as follows:

A. Deducting 0% of total prepayment amount if cancellation has been made 3 days before check-in date.

B. Deducting 50% of total prepayment amount if cancellation has been made in between 1 to 2 days before check-in date.

C. Deducting 100% of total prepayment amount if cancellation has been made on check-in date.

In case of flight cancellation or postponement, we will refund all pre-paid room rates. (Please provide proof)


  • The refund will be made back to your credit card account, Line Pay Money account, or bank account. The whole refund process will take 7 to 10 working days. (If refund process is after settling date of credit card, the refund amount will not be shown until next monthly bill). We apologize for any inconvenient.



1.  Since 14 days are counted from the next day after entry , one stay is 15 nights.
Must fully comply with the quarantine dates on the quarantine form. Must stay for 15 consecutive days.
2.  The room rate of the Epidemic Prevention - Quarantine Hotels Program is a preferential rate for a stay of 15 days. After guests have checked into our quarantine hotel, if any guest must check out early due to various reasons, we will charge two  night (means the checking out day will be counted as staying one night). However, if the diagnosis is positive, we will charge three nights because the room should be left to stand for 2 to 3 days before disinfection (means the checking out day for diagnosis will be counted as the first night). The remaining amount will be refunded.