》June Epidemic Prevention Flash Switch + Netflix Discount Project 07/01~07/31

日期/ Date:2021-02-23

Liz hotel March Flash Promotion Promotion Plan 07/01~07/31 Check in

Option One

1. Standard room with meals NTD2300 without meals -200

2. Business room with meals NTD2800 , no meals-200/Netflix free gift

3. Exquisite guest room with meal NTD3600 without meal-200/Netflix free gift


Option II

SWITCH program. 2 pieces of game piece optional

4. Standard room with meals 2500 yuan without meals 2,300 yuan

5. Business room with meals NTD3000 , no meals 2800/Netflix free gift

6. Exquisite guest room with meal NTD3800 without meal 3600/Netflix free gift